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Review: No Sorry by 208 Talks of Angels

Posted by chris@gfm.fm on Jan 8, 2015 | 0 comments

GFM says...
Husky Russki electro-metal. Pretty epic, with multiple acts, flavours and moving parts, but also a certain degree of self-restraint. Has me thirsting for a White Russian.
- Brendan Clift
No Sorry是一首Hardcore的作品, 电音效果加上主音比较内俭的吼叫令歌曲有浓厚industrial matel的味道, 中後段有女声的加入亦令歌曲更加有特色。
- Dicky Kwong

Band biography:
The Russian band “208 Talks of angels” was created in 2006 by Anthony Fadeyev and Vladimir Romanchenko, who decided to join their efforts for the search of new music concept and new extraordinary sound.  Band members currently consists of Anthony Fadeyev – guitar, vocals, effects, composition, programming, sampling; Vilena Karklinya – vocals, back vocals; Vladimir Romanchenko – bass, sampling, effects.  and on their latest album features the artists: Chris Moore and Marty Grebb. 

You can hear it on The Alternative Channel on GFM.FM